Facebook Page and Group – What Are They and 4 Key Differences Between Them

Facebook Page and Group - What Are They and 4 Key Differences Between ThemMany people have the misconception that a Facebook page and a Facebook group are the same. The fact is, they are not.

Whether or not you should setup a Facebook page or a Facebook group will depend on what is your goal of setting one up.

What I am going to do in this article is to share with you, by explaining in detail, what each of them are, and thereafter I will be revealing some key differences between the two.

Facebook PageFacebook Page

A Facebook page is one that, as described by Facebook (and I quote) “a voice to any public figure or organization to join the conversation with Facebook users… a public profile that lets users connect to what they care about”.

They are most commonly used by companies, organizations (both profit and non-profit), celebrities, film, etc. to reach out to the world. They are also used by individuals whose personal Facebook account has exceeded the 5,000 friend limit (yes, you are limited to having only 5,000 friends in your personal Facebook account).

A Facebook page was previously known as a Facebook fan page when it first started. However, as it gained popularity, Facebook eventually decided to change the name of such pages to just simply a Facebook page.

As an administrator of these pages, you have the rights to customize the tabs, add in basic information, as well as perform tasks such as controlling how you want people who join the page to post onto the wall, upload photos and videos, as well as other security controls.

From a business perspective, these pages are good for both online and offline businesses to reach out, connect and interact with prospective customers.
Facebook GroupFacebook Group

Unlike a Facebook page, where everyone is free to join (by simply on a single button), for a Facebook group, depending on the access level, it is by invitation only (meaning the administrator of the group has to send you an invitation before you can join. Otherwise, it is invisible to you).

A Facebook group is best used if you want to create a network and interact with a few select people (and you do not want whatever that is being communicated to be seen by the public).

From a business point-of-view, individual departments may wish to create their own Facebook group with members consisting of staffs in the particular departments only – Where they can use it to hold discussions (both formal as well as informal).
4 Key Differences Between A Facebook Page & Facebook Group

The following are 4 key differences between the 2 of them:

  • A page is visible to the public (where people can search from it using Facebook’s search function), but not a group (if it is set to being invisible).
  • A Facebook page works just like a personal Facebook profile where, the search engine “spiders” will be able to index it (and one will be able to find it in the search engines), but not a Facebook group.
  • Anyone can become a member of a page by clicking on a single button, and you can immediately participate in it. However, for a group, depending on the access level set by the administrator, you may need to wait till you are approved before you can gain access to it, and participate.
  • You can mass email all members in a group, but you cannot do so with a page (that is, you can mass mail members in a page).
  • A group is limited to 5,000 members, while there are no restrictions on the number of members allowed for a page.

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