How To Write Your First Autoresponder Email Messages

How To Write Your First Autoresponder Email MessagesAfter you have created an autoresponder account, as well as your opt-in page (also known as landing page), the next thing you need to do is to write email messages that you intend to send to your subscribers from the moment they opt-in.

I notice that many newbie email marketers are having problems with this step, and as such, I have decided to write this article to help you along – By providing ideas on what you can write (and send) to your subscribers when they first opt into your mailing list.

What you will discover in this article are ideas that will allow you to write your first 10 email messages that you can send to your newly signed up subscribers.

Message #1

You need to send out this email the moment he/she confirms his/her subscription.

This email will contain the download link to the freebie you have promised in the opt-in page.
Message #2

Send this email a day after he/she has opted in, where you can follow-up with them to find out whether or not they have received your previous email to download the freebie (which you have offered in the opt in page).

The reason why you want to send this email out is because, there may be occasions where, after your subscriber just opt-in, he may miss out the email message that contains the download link to the freebie.
Message #3

Generally, you would want to send out a third email to your subscriber 3 to 4 days after the second email.

In this email, you can tell your subscriber a little bit more about yourself – Such as the number of years of experience (along with your experience-level) in the niche that you are in, along with what they can be expecting to hear from you about, as well as how you can help them (in the various topics related to the niche that you are in).

This email helps to build rapport between you and your subscribers – In that, with this email, your subscribers will now know who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. You can be sure that they will be approaching you whenever they need help in the niche that you are in.

When the time comes, be sure you help them out wholeheartedly. Help them with their problems once, and you will have them subscribed to you for life.
Message #4

If you want your emails to get read, you need to give your subscribers what they want. So, how to find out what they want? Simple – Ask them explicitly.

You will want to send out this email 3 to 4 days after the third email asking them what areas (of the niche you are in) they would be interested to find out more about.

With that information at hand, you will be able to compose your email messages with content that they want to know. What that, you can be sure that, they will definitely open and read all emails you send to them (because the information you are going to give them are what they want to know about)
Message #5

Surprise your subscribers in this email with another freebie – Your subscribers will love you for it.

This freebie can come in a form of an ebook, short audio or video – Where you share with them some tips in the niche that you are in.

Again, you will want to send out this email 3 to 4 days after the previous one.
Message #6

Send this email the day after the previous one, where you check with them if they received your previous email with the link to download the surprise freebie.

You will want to once again include the link to download the freebie.
Message #7

I will send out the seventh email approximately 5 days after the previous one, as I have just sent my subscriber a freebie (that is loaded with information). Give them some time to read through and digest it.

In this email, you want to start off by asking them for their opinions on the freebie that you have given out in the fifth and sixth email, and ask if they have any questions.

Next, you will want to talk about one hot problem in the niche that you are in, that most people will encounter, and provide them with the best solution to go about solving it.
Message #8

By now, your subscribers should more or less be familiar with you, and trust that you are someone whom they can approach if they need any help in the niche (that you are in).

Based on the information that you have collected all these while about your subscribers (and problems that they face), you will want to, in this email, recommend a product/service that will help solve the problems that they have.

Remember, do not hard-sell to them. Rather, you will want to highlight 3 to 5 benefits about the product/service, along with a link to find out more.

Finally, as to when you should send out this email, I would recommend that you send out this email 3 to 4 days after you have sent out the previous one.
Email #9

I will send this email 3 to 4 days after the last email, and in this email I will talk a little bit about the product/service I recommended in the previous one.

This time, I will highlight to them my personal experience with the product, along with the pros and cons of it.

I will also, once again, include a link for them to check out the product/service in this email.
Email #10

Finally, I will ask them for any questions that they have so far (in the niche that you are in) 3 to 4 days after I have sent out the previous email.

Offer your most sincere help to help them out. You can be sure that, questions will start coming in from this point on, and you need to diligently answer them within the shortest time possible.

The fastest way to gain someone’s trust is to help them solve their problems. Once you manage to do so, you can be sure that they will remain subscribed to you for the rest of their life. On top of that, they will also trust all your product/service recommendations and want to purchase them – Bringing about profits for you.
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