4 Types Of Emails You Can Send To Your Subscribers

4 Types Of Emails You Can Send To Your SubscribersOne of the most basic questions that is being commonly asked about as far as email writing is concerned is the types of emails that you can write to your subscribers.

There are essential 4 different types of emails you can write (and send) to your subscribers, and they are – Informational email, promotional email, freebies email, and finally, personal emails.

In the next few sections, I am going to go deeper into explaining to you what each types of email is all about, along with the kinds of contents you should have in each of these types of emails.

Informational Emails1. Informational Emails

This is the first type of email – where you need to provide your subscribers some value (in giving them some information that they would like to receive). These information can be in a form of:

i. Tips – You can share with them a tip or two that you just discovered (either from a book, from a blog post, from a video, etc.)

ii. How-To Information – You can share with them a brief, step-by-step information on how to perform certain tasks. If there are many steps involved, what you should do is, simply highlight the steps involved in your email, followed by a link to your website, where they can discover all the steps involved.

iii. New Blog Post – You have just added a new article in your blog/website and would like to let your subscribers know about it. What you can do is that, you can send them an email to give them a brief summary about what this new article (which you have just uploaded) is about, along with a link to your blog/website where they can read it in detail.
Promotional Emails2. Promotional Emails

These are emails that you send out to promote a product/service (that you own or you are promoting as an affiliate).

One thing you should not do is to hard-sell to your subscribers. Because by doing so will only get them feel irritated and unsubscribe to your list (and you have lost your subscriber for good).

What you should do instead, is to give a brief overview of the product/service, highlight some benefits (by telling them the problems the product/service can help solve, and how will your subscribers be able to benefit from it), along some pros and cons of it.

You should not overwhelm your subscribers with too many promotional emails, as by doing so will only lead to them eventually unsubscribe from their list. What you should do is to only promote products/services to them occasionally – Such as one or twice every month.
3. Freebies

Surprise your subscribers once in a while by giving them something for free (without the need for them to opt-in, and confirm their email address once again).

You can include the direct link for them to download the freebie in the email itself.

These freebies can come in a form of a ebook (you can write a 10 – 15 page short report where you share with them some tips, or “how-to” on a particular topic in the niche that you are in), short 10 to 15 minute audio, or video (or both).

By giving away something for free once in a while (such as once every 2 to 3 months), your customers will appreciate it, and all the more they will want to remain signed up to your list (as they know they will be able to get some extra and special occasionally).
4. Personal Emails

Once in a while, you may want to tell them a little bit about your life – Such as what you have been up to recently (or what kinds of projects are you working on currently).

You can also extent your hand to your subscribers by offering to help them out (in any questions in which they have).

This adds an element of personal touch, which will help enhance the relationship between you and your subscribers.
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