4 Types Of Email Subject Lines That Work!

4 Types Of Email Subject Lines That Work!Do you know that, many people (myself included) determine which emails we should open (and read) and which emails to thrash simply by looking at the subject headline?

As much as we want to open and read each and every single email that we receive (in our inbox), we just can’t afford the time to do so. Therefore, we can only pick and read only those that we find interesting.

So, what does this mean to you, as an email marketer? This implies that, regardless of how interesting or useful your email is, as long as your subject line is not enticing enough, it will not get opened (and all your effort will go down to waste, unfortunately).

Therefore, to ensure that your emails get opened (and read), you need to make sure that the subject line of your email is eye-catchy and enticing enough to the effect that it will grab your subscribers by their eye-balls and drop everything that they are currently doing and open up your email.

In this article, you will discover 4 types of email subject lines that will skyrocket your email’s open rate (meaning the percentage that a particular email you sent out gets opened by your subscribers).

Stating A Fact1. Stating A Fact

You can state a fact in your email subject line (and later going into more details about it in the email message).

The fact can either be a positive or negative one. However, it has been proven that negative facts tend to evoke more curiosity – And people want to find out more about it (by opening up your email and read more about it), compared to positive ones.
Asking A Question2. Asking A Question

Asking a question in your email’s subject line – Especially if the question you are asking is something that your subscribers will answer yes to, then chances are your email will get opened (as they want to find out answers to the question).

Usually, asking them a question (that you know that without a solution to will result in them feeling pain, anxiety, or stress) in the subject line gets a high open-rate.

An example would be “Are You Having [the problem here]?”
3. Build Curiosity

If you are able to build up curiosity in your email’s subject headline, it will also help increase the chances of your subscribers opening up your email.

Let me give you an example – Let’s say you are in the weight loss market, and you have just uncovered the truth behind the myths of weight loss and would like to share with your subscribers about it, having a headline such as “3 Shocking Facts About Weight Loss You Need To Know…” will definitely get people, especially those who are dying to lose weight, want to open your email and read what you have for them.
Warning!4. Warning!

It is human nature that people want to avoid hurt and pain. If, in your email subject line, you highlight a major hurt or pain they will risk going through if they do not read what you have to say in your email, chances are, they will open it.

One good example of how you can write such as email subject line would be “Warning: Stay Away From [what you want them to stay away from here]” – This type of headline will definitely catch your subscribers’ attention and get them to read your email.
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