4 Pointers To Take Note When Writing Emails To Your Subscribers

4 Pointers To Take Note When Writing Emails To Your SubscribersWriting emails to your subscribers isn’t as intimidating as it seems. It is actually very easy to write emails that convert. All you need to do is to take note of certain things when you are composing it.

In this article, I am going to share with you 4 pointers that you need to take note of whenever you are writing emails to your subscribers. Simply by taking note of these 5 factors will help you write emails that not only gets read, but also one that will get your subscribers to take the action you want them to take!

Spelling & Punctuation Errors1. Spelling & Punctuation Errors

What would you do if you see an email in your inbox, open it up and try to read it, only to find that it is full of spelling and punctuation errors? What will you do with it?

If it is me, I will probably click on the “Thrash” button. I am sure that is what you will do as well.

Spelling and punctuation errors are not tolerated, especially with spell checkers so readily available these days (most Word processor programs should have it). What you should do, after you have composed your email (that you intend to send out to your subscribers), is to run a spell check on the entire email which you have drafted, and check through it yourself to make sure there are no spelling or punctuation errors, before you send out.
Attention Grabbing Subject Line2. Attention Grabbing Subject Line

Your email subject line is one of the first things your subscriber sees in their inbox, along with all other emails.

With more and more emails being received, coupled with the fact that we are now living in a fast paced society, we do not have the luxury to sit down and go through each and every single email in our inbox.

Most of the time, we will look at what seems interesting (and we can determine whether or not the email is interesting enough to want to click on and read more by looking at the email subject line) and thrash the rest.

So, if you want your email to be one of those that is being opened and read (instead of being sent to the thrash bin), it is extremely important that the email messages that you have drafted have an attention grabbing headline (the types of headlines that will invoke interest are – asking them a burning hot question, invoking curiosity, stating a cold hard truth, etc.)
Write Casually3. Write Casually

Most of the people whom you will be sending emails to are working people, and most often, they check their emails when they get home from work in the evening.

After a long, hard day of work, and feeling tired from all the work stress, the last thing they want to read is a formal email.

Therefore, you should write casually – Write to your subscribers as if you are writing to a friend. One way is to use a “write as you speak” tone – That will definitely make sure that your email is casual.
Proofreading4. Proofreading

It is important that you proofread the entire email at least twice before you hit on the send button to send it out.

What you can do here is to read out the entire email out loud (face the mirror as you are reading the email if you are shy) to make sure it sounds right.

You may also want to get another person (it can be your spouse, your friends or your family members) to read through the email that you have just composed, and make sure that he/she understands what you are trying to say in the email. If they don’t, then chances are your subscribers will not be able to understand as well.

As such, you will need to re-write your email.
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