4 Essential Elements Your Email Must Have To Avoid Getting Into Legal Trouble

4 Essential Elements Your Email Must Have To Avoid Getting Into Legal TroubleThere is something I would like all email marketers (especially if you are a newbie) to take note here – And that is the CAN-SPAM act that governs the use of emails for marketing purposes.

I am not going to talk about the legal-side of things (such as the punishments that business owners or marketers will be meted with) in this article. Rather, I am going to tell you 4 essential elements that every single which you send out to your subscribers must have.

You need to make sure that each and every email message you send out have the following 4 elements, so as to avoid getting into trouble with the law.

1. Use A Valid Email Address

Make sure that the email address that you have stated in the “From”, as well as in the “Reply To” field is a valid email address (and not some address which people cannot reach).
Unsubscribe Link2. Unsubscribe Link

You must make sure that you include a unsubscribe link in every single email message you send out to your subscribers.

On top of that, you must also state down clearly how they can opt out of your mailing list. This information (along with the unsubscribe link) is usually inserted at the bottom of every email message.

And one more thing – You need to make sure that, after someone has unsubscribed to your list, you must not send him/her any emails again in future.
3. Location

It is mandatory that you state down the location in which you are conducting your business in every single email you sent out. This information is usually found at the bottom.

You need to state down the full address – Including the house number, street name, unit number (if applicable), zip code and finally, the country where you are conducting your business in.

This address can be your company address or home address.
4. No Deceptive Subject Lines

What this means is that, your email body must be what it is (as stated in the subject line).

For example, you should not write in your subject line “Notice Of Payment Received” when you are not sending any sort of payment to your subscribers. This kind of subject line is very misleading and should be avoided at all cost.
Always bear the above 4 elements in mind and make sure that all emails that you send out is sent using a valid email address, and that it has a unsubscribe link, along with the location (and full address) in which you conduct your business, as well as making sure that what you have in the email subject line is consistent with what you have in the email message – All these will ensure that you avoid any unnecessary legal trouble.
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