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How To Setup Email In Cpanel

How To Setup Email In CpanelFor those of you who already have their own domain name and hosting, do you know that you can setup your own domain-hosted email account? (meaning you can have an email address like yourname@yourdomainname)

If you do not know, in this post, I’m going to go through step-by-step on how you can set one up within as little as 5 minutes (there are only 2 simple steps you need to do).

But, before I go into the step-by-step instructions, let me first touch on why you should set one up. There are 3 reasons for this, and they are:
1. Professionalism

It is definitely more professional when you send/reply emails with an email address like compared to using free email services.

Also, people are more likely to want to send emails to you when they see that your email address is one that is of your own domain name, compared to one that is a free-to-join email service.
2. Easier Acceptance Into Affiliate Networks

From experience, I notice that, if you sign up to become an affiliate with the various affiliate networks, the chances of you being accepted are much higher when you use your own domain-hosted email address, compared to when you use free email services.
3. Reliability

When you use free email services, you are subjected to uncertainty – such as you’ll never know when they are going to terminate their email service. And when they do, you’ll never be able to use their service again, and that means that your website visitors/customers are unable to contact you anymore.

Also, these free email services may sometimes suffer from server crashes, resulting in you unable to receive emails that were sent to you during that period of time. This will bring about a lot of inconveniences to your website visitors/customers as their emails will not be able to get to your inbox successfully and they’ll eventually stop contacting you (and you may stand to lose out potential customers).
The above 3 reasons are why you should set up your domain-hosted email, and in the next section, I’m going to show you step-by-step how to do it.

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How To Sign Up Web Hosting

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Sign Up For Web HostingIf you want to build up your Internet Business for the long term (I don’t see why you shouldn’t), you need to have your own website – And you center your Internet Business around your website.

In order to set up your own website, you need 2 things – a domain name (so that people will be able to locate you on the Internet) as well as web hosting (so that you can store the files for your website).

I’ve decided to write this post to guide you how you can sign up for your web hosting step-by-step because I notice that several newbie Internet Marketers encounter problems in this area. However, before you set up your web hosting, you must already have purchased a domain name (if you have not done so, you can get one in NameCheap).

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