About Me – Jun Yuan Lim

Jun Yuan LimAfter graduating from the University of London with a First Class Honors in Computing & Information Systems in 2006, Jun Yuan worked as an executive in a government sector for a year, before leaving his full-time job to become a full time Internet Marketer in March 2007 when his contract ended.
Life as an Internet Marketer wasn’t a fairy tale for Jun Yuan from the start, as he encountered numerous obstacles (just like any other newbie Internet Marketers would face when first starting up). However, with great determination to succeed, as well as willingness to learn from others, Jun Yuan has managed to overcome them and is now generating a healthy 4-figure income on the Internet every single month.
Throughout his journey in the world of Internet Marketing, Jun Yuan has met and learned from many of the top Internet Marketers in the world – Including Ewen Chia, Fabian Lim, Anik Singal, Edmund Loh, and many more.

Jun Yuan With Ewen Chia
Jun Yuan With Anik Singal
Jun Yuan With Ewen Chia – World’s #1 Super Affiliate (InternetWealth.com)
Jun Yuan With Anik Singal – CEO of Lurn, Inc. (Lurn.com)

Jun Yuan is experienced in the areas of affiliate marketing (in particular, promoting ClickBank products as well as products in Amazon.com) as well as Cost Per Action Marketing (also known as CPA Marketing).
On top of that, Jun Yuan’s expertise also includes areas such as Adsense, Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Resell Rights Marketing, Web 2.0 Marketing (particularly in using Squidoo and HubPages), as well as WordPress Blogging.
“Instant Internet Income Formula” is a website set up by Jun Yuan with the aim of providing the necessary information, as well as resources to help beginner Internet Marketers generate their first dollar (and beyond) on the Internet.
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If you have any questions you would like Jun Yuan to answer, or if you have any comments or suggestions on how this website can be improved, please send him an email at support[a]JunYuanLim.com.